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eTXT™ combines the power of email and text to send messages to many people at once (or to individuals).

It's an immediate, quick, cost effective and simple way to reach your staff, suppliers and customers - straight to their text capable mobile phone.

How does it work?

eTXT™ sends text messages to a group of text capable New Zealand based mobile phones at one time. Replies can be sent back to the PC or mobile which sent the message.

Once set up, you can use eTXT™ to send messages to groups or individuals from Outlook, a web browser, or from your New Zealand based mobile.

With eTXT™ you can

  • Send out confirmations or reminders of appointments to customers
  • Send service announcements to customers
  • Send in-house communications to staff members

To get eTXT™, you need to be a Telecom Mobile Postpaid business customer.

How much?

All prices exclusive of GST

  • Set up fee of $99
  • Monthly Access fee of $10 per account
  • 10c per message sent to each New Zealand based Telecom Mobile
  • 17c per message sent to other New Zealand network handsets
  • If you send a group message from your Telecom mobile phone to shortcode 222 you will incur a charge of 17c plus the applicable charge per mobile you send to

eTXT™ charges will be billed to your mobile account, so eTXT™ can only be purchased if you have a Telecom postpaid. There is no expensive software to purchase or difficult technical skills to master. By default, eTXT™ messages will bill to the primary mobile number you nominate when registering for eTXT™.

Register for eTXT™

To get eTXT™

  • Call 0800 GET eTXT (0800 4383898)
  • Call into one of our Telecom stores
  • Contact your account manager

We'll need to know

  • The name of your business
  • A contact name within your business, for administrative purposes
  • A login username. We suggest a login using the company name rather than an individuals as it cannot be changed later on
  • Your business domain name eg. for Telecom the domain name is ''
  • An email address to verify your business domain
  • The primary mobile number for billing purposes (this must be a Telecom postpaid mobile phone)

Things you should know

View the Terms and Conditions for eTXT™

The eTXT service is unable to offer a free unsubscribe facility. Messages which promote or market goods or services should not be sent unless the recipient is aware that there is a cost to unsubscribe and has agreed to continue to receive messages on this basis.

Service and support

If you need help with eTXT™, check out the eTXT™ user guide.

If you can't find the answer you're after, email or phone Telecom's Wireless Data Helpdesk on
0800 BUSINESS (28 74 63).