Mobile Terms and Conditions

To review the terms and conditions for our Mobile Network, please click on the relevant terms that apply to you below:

On 2 April 2013 certain terms and conditions have been retired. On 2 March we notified all our Prepaid, Postpaid mobile customers and our Business customers that from 2 April 2013 the following terms and conditions will apply to their use of our services:

Other Terms and Conditions

These include:

Talk & Text Off Peak, Talk & Text Anytime and Smartphone Plans
Text Boost and Included Texts
Smart One Bill Plan 
On the One Bill Plan
Combo Plan
One Rate Prepaid Plan
One Rate Postpaid and One Rate Business Plans
Share Plans
Business Share Plans
Frequently called numbers
TXT Extras
My Favourites Extras
Mobile Data - includes Data plans and Extras (for customers who signed up before 28 October 2009)
Mobile Data - includes Data plans and Extras (for customers signing up from 28 October 2009)
Mobile TV
XT Onebill Plan

Disconnection fees Terms and Conditions

Offers and Promotions