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Get a FREE Yahoo! Mail account, powered by Yahoo! the world's number one email service provider.

How do I get Yahoo! Mail?

Just register online with the username and password we sent you when you signed up with Telecom.

What you'll get with Yahoo! Mail


Your simple to use email has a similar interface to regular Yahoo! email and your email address stays as username@xtra.co.nz

You can access your emails using webmail from any computer with internet or via a mail application like Outlook.

And there are heaps of great features - for example, if you receive a lot of photos in an email, you view them in a slideshow instead of having to open and download each one.

More storage space

You get loads of storage so you don't have to worry about your inbox running out of space, and your emails wont expire.

10 email boxes

You get 10 extra email sub accounts so each member of the family can have their own email at no extra cost.  Find out more.

Security and protection

Your email also comes with SpamGuard Plus, an award-winning anti-spam management system.  You can teach your spam filter to learn what you do and don't want to receive in your inbox.

The email anti-virus protection scans attachments and emails for viruses and cleans them before downloading.

AddressGuard protects you from spam with disposable email addresses that you can use for things like online forms and subscriptions.  So if you need, you can get rid of the disposable email address without affecting your main email.

Access from anywhere

You can access your emails, calendar and contacts anywhere you can use the internet as well as from your mobile phone.  Great for reminders like birthdays and important events.  Your friends' and other important contacts are always secure saved online.

Plus, if you have email accounts with other providers, it's easy to get them forwarded to your account so you can manage all of your emails from one place.

Need some help?

For more info on how to set up your email, check out our Email FAQ's. Or call us on *123 / 0800 800 123, Monday-Sunday, 7am-9pm.

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