Tablets are smaller than a laptop, bigger than a smartphone and take some of the best features from both. Web and social networks, presentations and email, games and photos - tablets can do the lot on a big, bright touchscreen display.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Mobile Broadband plan options for your Tablet

Pay Monthly

Simple and flexible monthly plans charged to your Telecom bill.

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The freedom of no fixed contracts or monthly fees.

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Get the most out of your Tablet on the Smartphone network

It's fast...

The Smartphone network has been turbo charged with a technology called "HSPA+". That means when you plug a SIM card into your Tablet, you’ll get faster mobile broadband speeds than ever before!

The Smartphone network covers 97% of the places kiwis live and work. Check out coverage in your area.

How much data will i need?

It can be tricky to estimate how much data you might need in your plan, so to give you an idea here is a rough guide of what you can do with 1GB of data on your Tablet.

  • Facebook pages: 8,500

  • Text-only emails: 14,000
  • Instant Messages: 40,000
  • YouTube hours: 6 hours
  • Download MP3 you've purchased (4MB file size): 220

The data quantity examples are estimates only based on internet use browsing full web pages using a Tablet. Browsing was based on the following average amounts: Facebook page 121.8KB, text only email 74.7KB, instant message 23.6KB, You Tube viewing 162.5MB for 1 hour at standard resolution, and MP3 download 1162.8KB per 1MB downloaded. Actual data amounts transferred will vary.

Our super-fast Smartphone Network will change the way you use your tablet.

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