Our 4G Network

Heading for life in the fast lane

Want to do more of what you love online, faster? We want to help you do exactly that, which is why we are launching our 4G LTE mobile technology on the 12th of November across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. It will be a whole new way of using your mobile phone.

We want to deliver the best possible experience to our customers from day one, and so before we roll out to everywhere in New Zealand, we will be optimising and testing rigorously to ensure we have the best possible experience.

What's more, we will have a great range of 4G LTE capable mobile phones to make it even easier to experience our fantastic new network once it goes live.


We understand you may have a few questions about the 4G network. You'll find helpful information in our FAQs.
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4G Media Release

Telecom announced today that we will go live from Tuesday 12th November across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. All Telecom customers with a 4G enabled device on pay monthly plans and prepaid value packs will be entitled to a free 4G upgrade.
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Today's network

Today's network

Our network is designed for Smartphones. We deliver fast, nationwide, mobile-internet coverage to 97% of the places Kiwis live and work.

To ensure we deliver world-class service, we're continually monitoring our network and testing it with great results. We're also developing the device ecosystem for 4G LTE.

We're also looking at bringing new 4G LTE-enabled mobile phones - and other devices like tablets or mobile hotspots – on to our network.

Evolving the Smartphone Network

Evolving Our Network

The network has fast 3G and HSPA+ nationwide coverage. When we launch 4G LTE, we'll be bringing even faster speeds to some of our mobile customers*.

Our technology

LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution” and allows for greater speeds and better capacity*. After the release of 4G LTE, any areas without coverage will revert back to HSPA+. Our CDMA network has been closed since July 2012.

Clever choice for your smartphone

Evolving the Network

Our Network is designed to handle data, calls and text messages better than ever before. So it makes sense that the world's most popular Smartphones work brilliantly on the Smartphone Network

Faster, more powerful and with a heap of features, Smartphones do way more than simple calls and texts. You can get street-by-street directions across town, watch the latest videos or news, and get live updates from your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Delivering world-class mobile coverage

Delivering world-class mobile coverage

Currently our Network covers more than 97% of where New Zealanders work and play, which means you, can do more of the things you love, faster and in more places.

We are still testing 4G LTE to work out how we can bring our new capabilities to as many people as possible. If, when we launch, you find out that 4G LTE coverage isn't available in a certain area; you'll switch over seamlessly to our existing HSPA+ network.

Moving your business forward

Moving your business forward

With the explosion of Smartphones and the increasing use of mobile data, the Smartphone Network is geared to meet your business needs.

4G LTE will keep on the pulse of your business, with faster access and our world-class global roaming capability options.

Check out some New Zealand businesses that chose the Smartphone Network to drive their business: