*Comparison based on the best value combo in the market for the amount of text, data and minutes offered each month for $39 on open term

No fixed term contract, no limitations.
You'll love our $39 Smart Open plan.

This could be our smartest plan ever. You'll get all the value you're looking for - with 750MB of data, non-stop texts and 250 minutes to any network - but you don't have to sign a fixed term contract.

We call it our Smart Open plan, because it's open for you to change as you like, when you like.

Already have your mobile with Telecom?

If you are out of contract then you'll be able to upgrade to this great value plan online.

Just follow the steps to buy a SIM card with the $39 Smart Open plan, and we'll give you the option to keep your current SIM during the check out process. If you’re still in contract with us, there will be some disconnection fees so call us on 123.

Get the $39 Open Smart Plan

What makes our $39 Smart Open plan the best value...

  • It's New Zealand's best value $39 open term plan - more minutes, texts, data in one plan.
  • You're free to choose! With no fixed term contract, change your plan at any time.
  • Love your current phone? Bring it with you, and we'll give you a free SIM.
  • If you want to buy a new phone from us, you can purchase one outright or choose one of our interest free deferred payment options. You can do this at any point – it doesn’t have to be at the time you switch.
  • Bring your old mobile number with you, even if you change phones.

Not currently with Telecom?
Switch to us and keep the number everyone knows

Get a new mobile and SIM card

When you switch, switch up your phone too. You can either purchase one outright or choose one of our interest free deferred payment options. We'll also give you a free SIM card, and load up your old number if you'd like.

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Get a SIM card for your current mobile

Already have a phone that you love? You'll just need a Telecom SIM card to get going (which we'll give you for free). And you can bring your current mobile number with you when you join.

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