CDMA Network Closure

On 31 July 2012 the old CDMA Mobile Network was permanently closed.  This means if you still have a CDMA mobile you can no longer make or receive calls or text messages.  This includes being unable to make emergency 111 calls.

We have closed the CDMA Network to allow customers to take advantage of our super fast XT (Smartphone) Network.

Upgrade to the XT (Smartphone) Network

To enjoy the benefits of our XT (Smartphone) Network – just select a new mobile phone and plan that suits you. Our plans have all been designed with our understanding of how New Zealanders want to use their mobile phones.

Remember if you have an old CDMA phone that you don’t want to keep, you can take it to a Telecom store to be recycled where the proceeds will be donated to Starship Hospital.

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What else you should know about the closure

Coverage bars on your CDMA mobile

You may still be able to see coverage bars on the screen of your mobile phone or device while we work to power down the network over the next few weeks. The reason for this is, in closing the CDMA network we need to be careful to not impact the XT (Smartphone) Network which means we must slowly decommission the CDMA network. However be assured that the network will not be live during this time, and will not work for voice calls (111 emergency calls), text and mobile data.

Your old CDMA number

If you didn’t switch before 31 July 2012 and would like to stay with Telecom and keep your old number then give us a call on 123 or go in store and we can see if your old number is available.

Prepaid credit on old CDMA prepaid phone

If you had unused prepaid credit on your CDMA mobile as of 31 July 2012 then you have till 31 October 2012 to call us and request for any prepaid credit that was on your CDMA phone to be either transferred to your new Telecom mobile, Telecom account or paid directly to your bank account.

Keeping voicemail messages

If you would like to keep your old voicemail message from your CDMA phone you have until 31 August 2012 to call Telecom on 123 and we can assist you with accessing your mailbox. You can then either forward messages to another Telecom mailbox or request a recording of the voicemail message from your old CDMA phone. The message can be recorded onto a WAVE File, CD or USB and sent to you - please note there will be a charge for this service.

Telemetry services

Telecom has partnered with specialist Telemetry Dealers on the replacement of telemetry devices.
These specialist partners are able to provide advice, quotes and support for the installation of replacement telemetry devices.

A Telemetry device is a mobile device that communicates with another device or server for a specific data transfer application using mobile data.
To get advice, a quote or support for the installation of replacement telemetry devices you can contact

Pat Kelly
Product Specialist
Phone  04 499 9763
Mobile  027 230 7964
Ross Johnson
Business Development Manager
Phone   09 974 9277
Mobile   027 277 1010


CDMA and XT (Smartphone) Network coverage may differ – check XT (Smartphone) Network coverage in your area.

Need some help?

For more information about the closure check out our FAQs or call us on *123 / 0800 800 123, Monday-Sunday, 7am-9pm.

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