Changes to Mobile entertainment

From 23 July 2013, we will no longer be any offering any Mobile Entertainment services.

That means after July 23, you will no longer be able to buy content (such as music, wallpapers and games) from Yahoo!TWorld or the Android Music Store.

Questions and answers

What will happen to the music I have already downloaded?

You will still be able to play all of the music you have downloaded. And, if the music is saved on your phone or a microSD card, you can transfer it to another phone or device.

What happens if I try to open the Android Music Store?

After 23 July 2013, the Android Music Store will no longer work, so you won't be able download any music. In fact, the music store may already have stopped working on some mobiles, so if you find you can no longer access it you won't be able to download music from now on.

After July 23, what happens to the Android Music Store App on my phone?

As the app will no longer work, it's a good idea to remove it from your phone.  But before you remove the app, make sure you transfer any downloaded music to your phone's memory or to a microSD card.

Can I transfer my wallpapers, screensavers and games to another phone or device?

Yes, but only if the mobile or device is the same as the one you are using now. If it's a different make or model, unfortunately you won't be able to transfer any content.

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