With Voicemail on your mobile, you don't have to worry about missing calls when your phone is switched off, busy, or you can't answer it…

Your callers can listen to a personalised greeting and leave a message in your mailbox. And, if they do, you'll see an icon on your phone’s screen to let you know you have a new message.

How do I get Voicemail?

Voicemail comes free with all XT mobiles. All you need to do is record your personalised greeting and you're ready to go.

Some handy Voicemail features

Access your voicemail with the press of a button.

Just Press and hold 1 on your mobile, or look for 'voicemail' in your contacts. If you are calling from another number, simply dial your mobile number, press * when you hear your greeting and enter your pin.

Call back the caller

While listening to a message, press # to call the person who left it. When you're finished talking and the other person hangs up you'll be connected straight back to your voicemail to continue going through your messages. These calls are charged as normal calls.

Personalised greeting

Change your greeting as often as you like - great for letting people know when you're away on holiday, or what times are best for them to call you.

Send a message to another Telecom number

It's easy to leave a message in another Telecom mailbox. Just dial voicemail, choose option 2 and follow the voice prompts. You'll be asked for the other person's 'mailbox number' - this is their phone number without the 0 at the front. So for mobile phone number 027 123 4567, the mailbox number will be 271234567, or for landline number 09 482 1234, the mailbox number will be 94821234.

Call Forward

Set up an alternative number that callers can be forwarded to by pressing '0' if they don't want to leave a message (only available with Pay monthly plans). All forwarded calls will be charged at the normal rate to your Telecom mobile account, plus any charges that apply for retrieving your messages.

Check your mailbox from any phone

Use a landline or another mobile phone to listen to any Voicemail messages you have. Simply call your mobile number, press * as soon as you hear your greeting, enter your pin at the prompt and press #. Calls are charged at the normal mobile phone call rate to the account you are calling from.

Other handy shortcuts:

Delete the message: Press 3
Replay the message: Press 1
Rewind eight seconds: Press 7
Fast forward eight seconds: Press 9
Fast forward to end of message: Press 99

The price of Voicemail is...

Voicemail feature


  • Voicemail monthly charge
  • Usage charge
  • Send a message to a Telecom mailbox
  • Call back the caller
  • Free
  • 20c per call, no matter how long it takes
  • Free
  • Charged as a normal call

All prices include GST.

Need some help?

For more info on how to use Voicemail, check out our Voicemail FAQs.