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The below plans and packages are supported by Telecom but are no longer available for sale - you cannot sign up, re-sign or transfer to these plans or packages.

If you're currently on one of these plans or packages, you can continue to make changes to your account, and buy additional phone and calling services such as Talk It Up, as normal. If you do want to change it's easy, just choose from our range of new Home Phone Plans or Home Packages.

If you're happy with the Telecom plan or package you have now, you're welcome to stay with it for now and move over to a new plan or package at any time.  But, once you move to a new package or plan you won't be able to go back to your old one.  

We recommend you take a look at our new Home Phone Plans and Home Packages before making changes to your current plan or package.

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It's simple to upgrade your current plan or package to a newer one online.

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