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700 hotspots,

Downtown, or down at the beach, look out for the pink phone boxes. They're WiFi hotspots. Surf's up. Stay in the pink. View map.

Telecom customers
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Use up to 2 devices on Pay monthly plans, and $19 or $29 Prepaid Value packs. Not you? Try it free for a week. Or buy it – 30 days for $9.95.

What is Telecom WiFi?

It's wireless broadband in public places. So when you're out and about, scope out a WiFi hotspot and get Googling.

So easy to use. Register once.

1. Find hotspot

Head for one of our 700 pink WiFi phone boxes.

2. Choose WiFi

Grab your device. Go to the "WiFi Settings" & choose "Telecom WiFi".

3. Get started

Open the browser on your device. You'll see the "Getting Started" page.

4. You're in

Enter your mob number. We'll text you a unique access code. Game on.

Mob, tablet or laptop.

Just enter your unique access code into your device, and get surfing. You'll only need to enter it once.

Log on. Stay on.

No need to log in again. You'll automatically connect as soon as you're in range of a hotspot.

Other stuff around WiFi

What is Telecom WiFi?

Telecom WiFi is a wireless broadband service that lets you get on the Internet in public places by connecting to access points (hotspots). Once you’ve connected to a hotspot, your device will automatically know when you’re near another hotspot on our network, and connect to it when you’re in range.

Note: To allow your device to find a hotspot, make sure that WiFi is switched ON on your device. Also capabilities of your device may affect the seamlessness of the re-connection process.

What’s a WiFi hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot is a site where you can grab Internet access over a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) through the use of a router connected to a link to an internet service provider (ISP). Hotspots typically use WiFi technology.

How secure is Telecom WiFi?

Public WiFi hotspots are not as secure as fixed or mobile broadband services. If you’re using a laptop or similar to access the service, we suggest you have up to date firewall and anti-virus software installed on your device. If you’re using the service to transmit private or sensitive information, consider using services that offer privacy and confidentiality, such as web services/sites that use SSL.

Why choose Telecom WiFi?

Telecom WiFi gives you Internet access in handy public locations at speeds like fixed-line broadband. Our hotspots network is growing rapidly and will keep growing until we can provide wide ranging coverage to our customers.

How close do I have to be to a hotspot to connect?

The best way to know if you’re in range is to check if 'Telecom WiFi' SSID comes up on the list of available networks on your device. On average, hotspot coverage is about 50-80 meters, but will vary depending on the type of hardware, number of people using the hotspots, any obstructions in the way, etc.

What do I do if I can’t get signal or connect to a hotspot?

If you’re not getting WiFi signal or can’t connect:

  • Check the Telecom WiFi hotspot locator
  • Make sure wireless is enabled on your device
  • Restart your device and see if you can pick up the WiFi signal
  • Refresh the list of available networks
  • Still getting no signal? Call us on 0800 500 165

How fast is Telecom WiFi?

On average, WiFi will be faster than 3G, and will be comparable with our fixed-line broadband speed; however data speeds are completely dependent upon various factors, such as: how many people are accessing the same hotspot at the same time, what activity they are doing, how close you are to the hotspot and the capabilities on your device. Some hotspots will have faster broadband access than others, so top speeds will vary by location.

What’s changed from your free trial?

Our trial service ran from December 2012 to 23 October 2013. We offered free access of up to 1GB per day for up to 5 devices for all New Zealand/Australian mobile devices capable of receiving an SMS. At the end of the trial we continue to offer free access to:

  • Telecom Pay Monthly or $19 or $29 Prepaid Value Pack customers for up to 2 devices
  • Gen-i mobile customers

If you don’t come under the criteria above, but have a New Zealand or Australian mobile that receives SMS messages, you will be able to register for 1 week free access – this will be followed by an offer of charged access at $9.95 each 30 days for 1 device. This charge can be avoided by joining one of our qualifying mobile plans as outlined above.

How will I know when I’ve left the WiFi hotspots coverage area, and when my normal data usage and charges will apply again?

If your device can access the mobile network, look for the WiFi symbol on your screen . If you are connected to WiFi this will display.

I'm on Telecom WiFi, but cant access the internet, what do I do?

Go to your browser and select a new page and browse to You should be prompted to register your device to the Telecom WiFi system. If you don’t get a WiFi registration page, try turning your device off and on and accessing Telecom WiFi again.

What do I need to use Telecom WiFi?

You need:

  • A WiFi enabled device (most modern devices, like laptops, smartphones and tablets are WiFi ready)
  • A New Zealand or Australian mobile number that can be used to receive SMS message
  • Be in range of Telecom WiFi

How can I find a hotspot when I’m on the go?

Refer to the hotspot locator hotspot map or keep a look out for Telecom WiFi branded signs and phone boxes.

What if I don’t have a New Zealand or Australian mobile?

Sorry, currently we can’t give you access. But you can buy a qualifying Telecom New Zealand SIM card to put in your device so you can access the service. We expect to offer solutions for travellers in the near future.

Why do do I need to "validate" my mobile number?

  • So we can check if your mobile number qualifies you for free access.
  • We might also use your mobile number to occasionally communicate with you about the Telecom WiFi service.

What if I want to register a device with no mobile connectivity for your service?

Provided you do have a New Zealand/Australian mobile that is capable of receiving SMS, you’ll be able to register devices without mobile connectivity, like tablets and laptops. Grab the device you want to use, access the Telecom WiFi network at one of our hotspots, input your mobile number and we’ll send an access code to your mobile – enter the access code into the splash page (first page that appears when you open an Internet browser) on your preferred WiFi device. The WiFi device will then be given the access that the mobile number you identified qualifies for.

I didn’t get my passcode, what do I do?

Try registering again and check that you’ve got mobile coverage. If you keep having issues please call 0800 500 165. Once you receive a valid code, you have 24 hours to register your device with it at any of our hotspots.

Is there a data limit?

There’s a limit of 1 GB per day

Who gets free WiFi access?

You get free access if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You’re a Telecom Pay Monthly or $19 or $29 Prepaid Value Pack customer
  2. You’re on a Gen-i mobile plan
  3. If you’ve got a New Zealand or Australian mobile capable of receiving SMS messages you’ll get 1 week free access – this’ll be followed by an offer of charged access at $9.95 for each 30 days. You can avoid this charge by joining one of our qualified mobile plans outlined above.

What are the ongoing conditions for free access?

  • After you’ve registered for the first time, your device will automatically access our network (no login required)
  • You can access Telecom WiFi from up to two devices per qualifying mobile number
  • If you stop using a qualifying Telecom mobile plan, your free access will stop
  • We’ll ask you to confirm your mobile number and device every 60 days by sending you a new access code to your registered mobile
  • You get up to 1GB per day starting from midnight each day. If you exceed your limit, access will be unavailable until midnight of the next day

I’m a Telecom landline/Broadband user but I don’t have a mobile – can I access free WiFi?

WiFi access is free for all Telecom Mobile Pay Monthly and Prepaid $19 and $29 Value Pack customers. We’ve got a range of great value mobile packages to let you enjoy free WiFi. Find out more here.

Can I register more than one device?

You can register up to 2 devices per valid mobile number if you qualify for free access, others can only register 1 device.

You’ll need to register to get a unique access code for every device you want to connect with. You can request multiple access codes, but you’ll only be able to connect up to 2 devices for each mobile number. The access codes you receive will only be valid for up to 24 hours and can only be used once. If you don’t receive a code or your code expires then you can request more. Note that you’ll need a unique access code for each device you wish to register. If you continue to have issues call 0800 500 165.

What if I already have 2 devices connected, and want to connect another one?

Every time you try to connect a new device we’ll give you the choice of which of your previously registered devices you want to de-register.

Who gets charged access?

If you have a New Zealand or Australian mobile capable of receiving SMS messages but don’t meet the criteria in our “who gets free access section”, then you’ll have to purchase access to the network. You’ll receive a free 1 week trial followed by access at $9.95 for each 30 day period.

What are the ongoing conditions for charged access?

  • After you’ve registered for the first time, your device will automatically access our network (no login required)
  • Upon payment you will get access for 30 days for 1 device
  • If you start using a qualifying Telecom mobile plan, you will gain free access at expiry of your current period of access. We’ll send you an SMS to confirm that you qualify for free access.
  • You get up to 1GB per day starting from midnight each day. If you exceed your limit, access will be unavailable until the following midnight.

How do I pay for access?

When you register for our service, if you don’t qualify for free WiFi you’ll be offered a 1 week free trial. At the expiry of that trial – at your next log on to Telecom WiFi, you’ll be able to re-verify your mobile number and enter your credit card details to make a secure payment.

Or, if you don’t have access to your mobile number, give us a bell on 0800 500 165, or + 64 9 3568673 if you are overseas.

What if my credit card declines or expires?

The next time you connect you’ll be asked if you’d like to reenter your existing credit card, or enter new credit card details to continue accessing the service.

Can I register more than one device?

You can register 1device per valid mobile number if you are paying for access or on our 1 week free trial. If you qualify for free WiFi through being a Telecom Pay Monthly customer, on a $19 or $20 Prepaid Value Pack, or a Gen-i mobile customer, you can register 2 devices per qualifying mobile number.

You’ll need to register to get a unique access code for every device you want to connect with. You can request multiple access codes, but will only be able to connect up to 2 devices for each mobile number. Access codes you receive will only be valid for up to 24 hours and can only be used once, if you don’t receive a code or your code expires then you can request more. Note that you will need a unique access code for each device you wish to register. If you continue to have issues call 0800 500 165.

I want to dispute a payment, who do I talk to?

If your card’s been charged incorrectly, please call our helpline 0800 500 165 for assistance.

To get free WiFi access you need one of the following:

  • A Telecom Mobile Pay Monthly plan or
  • A $19 or $29 Prepaid Value Pack or
  • A Gen-I mobile and plan.

You will need to provide your Telecom mobile number. We will text you a unique code so you can register for free WiFi.

You can connect up to 2 devices for free, from one registered Telecom mobile number.

You can use up to 1GB of free WiFi per day for each connected device. Your daily allowance is refreshed at midnight. So if you hit your limit before then, your connection will be switched off until midnight. Your daily data allowance does not carry over.

Don’t qualify for free WifI access? If you have a NZ or AU mobile you can still get a week’s free trial, or grab a 30 day WiFi access package for $9.95.

To use the free WiFi service or buy a WiFi access packages you will need to register first.

As long as the phone box is in your line of sight you may be able to connect up to 80 metres away. That said, some phone boxes have different strengths so distances may vary. Your connection speed will also depend on how many other people are using the hotspot, any obstructions and what device you are using. As a rule, the closer to the payphone you are the better the connection is likely to be.

Your use of the Telecom Wireless Hotspot service (the "Service") will be governed by the terms of this agreement (the "Terms"). Please read them carefully, so that you fully understand the Service that you are signing up to and plan to use.

If you are a Telecom Mobile customer these terms apply together with your Mobile Terms and Conditions. These terms will prevail to the extent that they are inconsistent with the Mobile Terms and Conditions.


The Telecom Wireless Hotspot is a wireless data service that gives you the ability to access the internet and send and receive data through our wireless broadband network and through the internet using wireless technology.

Access to the service

Telecom customers: The Service is available free of charge to Telecom $19 & $29 Prepaid Value Pack, and Telecom and Gen-i post-paid mobile customers. If you are a Telecom or Gen-I customer on an eligible mobile plan to access the Service you will need to register through our mobile online portal. You can register up to two mobile devices under the same mobile number.


Other customers: Other users may access the Service at no charge for one week after which time to continue to access the service you will be required to pay $9.95 per 30 days' access. Payment is made by accessing our mobile online portal. To complete payment you will be required to provide your mobile phone number and your credit card details. This Service is for registration of up to one mobile device only under the same mobile number and there is no ability to transfer or register additional devices.


Daily data allowance: Users of the Service have access to 1Gb of data per day per registration. Once you have reached the daily data cap your use of the Service will be restricted until 12.01am of the following day.


Devices: You can register up to two mobile devices to the Service under the same mobile number. If you wish to change or add or remove a mobile device you will need to do this through the mobile online portal.


Equipment: To use the Service you will need a Wi-Fi enabled device. You are responsible for ensuring that any equipment that you use to access the Service meets the minimum requirements and is suitable for use with the service and is adequately protected against viruses. Telecom does not accept any responsibility for your device, software, or for any equipment which you use to access the Service. If you have problems with hardware or software, you will need to talk to the product’s supplier or manufacturer. Telecom does not provide support for these items.

Our commitments to you

We will provide the Service with reasonable care and skill, and make all reasonable efforts to ensure the Service does everything we say it will. However, we do not represent or guarantee they will be:

  • Interruption or fault free, or that any faults or errors will be able to be corrected;
  • Available at any particular time or location;
  • Available, or available without change, for any minimum period of time;
  • Secure or private; and/or
  • Free of viruses or other harmful features.

However, we will always try to restore any Service outage as soon as we reasonably can.

Service availability and security

The Service is not available in all areas. You must be located at a Telecom Wireless Hotspot location to use the Service. Access may be subject to capacity restrictions. Find your nearest Telecom Wireless Hotspot at


We cannot guarantee that the Service will be uninterrupted and/or will be continuously available. We will aim to provide you with the best Service possible, but we will not be liable for any interruptions, reception, picture degradation or any other problems that are beyond our control. We do not guarantee that the Service will be compatible with your equipment or any software that you may use.


The Service may be impacted by a number of factors beyond our control e.g. by geographic, atmospheric or other conditions, distance from the physical hotspot and the number of users using any one hotspot at the same time.


We do not guarantee the security of the Service and you hereby agree to use the Service at your own risk. You shall ensure that you have adequate security to prevent unlawful access to or use of the services, access to your computing equipment or disclosure of confidential information.


You accept that we have no control over the information transmitted via the Service and will not be responsible for such information. We have no obligation to compensate you for such information and/or such use.


We may alter the Service from time to time. If we alter our Services in a way that materially reduces the Service offering currently received by you, we will provide you a minimum of 10 working days' notice, and wherever possible, one month's notice, of such alterations. We will tell you about any such alterations by SMS messaging you or by publishing the change on our website. But we may have to modify or temporarily suspend the Service or any part of it without giving your notice for emergency technical reasons.


The Service is intended for e-mail, instant, messaging, browsing the internet, using apps and accessing corporate intranets.


The Service may be subject to content filers.


We will intercept communications for the purposes of the Department of Internal Affairs' Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System.

Your use of the Service

You agree to meet these general responsibilities:

  • Use the Service for your own personal, non-commercial use or, if you are operating a business, or doing business, for your own internal business purposes.
  • Make sure all information you give to us or to any service provider approved by us is correct and complete and let us know if any of that information changes.
  • Follow the instructions and directions we provide about using the Service and only use them for lawful purposes.
  • Allow us to test the configuration of your equipment from time to time and comply with any directions given to you to reconfigure your equipment if we reasonably believe it is necessary to do so.
  • Use the Service without gaining unauthorised access to or interfering with anyone else's computer or communications equipment.
  • Use the Service without annoying anyone else, and without interfering with anyone else's use of the Service.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes when using the Service, including, but not limited to, the Privacy Act 1993, Fair Trading Act 1986, Copyright Act 1994, Defamation Act 1992 and the Crimes Act 1961, and not infringe a third party's rights.
  • Edit, delete or cease any future publication of any material or communication which we reasonably, and in good faith, consider to be unauthorised, misleading, objectionable, restricted, defamatory, illegal, inappropriate or contrary to these terms, or detrimental to our reputation or to our brand, and if you do not do so to our satisfaction, you agree that we may edit, delete, block or disconnect that material or communication ourselves.
  • Not use, download or otherwise copy or provide (whether or not for a fee) to a person or entity any directory of users of any of the Service or other user or usage information or any portion thereof.
  • Not use the Service, or content or anything else provided by us or available on our websites, in any way that implies an endorsement, sponsorship or association by us with any product, service, person or entity.
  • Make sure everyone who uses the Service we provide to you, or does anything in relation to them, is also aware of, and meets, these responsibilities. Be wholly responsible and liable for any use by any other person (authorised or unauthorised) of the Service we provide to you, including any charges associated with that use and any consequences if such person misuses the Service, breaches these terms, and you attest that you have the consent and legal right to enter into this agreement on their behalf.


If we reasonably believe that you have breached any parts of these Terms or that you have misused the service in any way, we may take immediate action to deny you access to the service without any further notice to you.

Information about you

Information about you

Your use of the Service involves the collection by us of personal information about you, such as your email address, name, home or work address or telephone number. We may also collect demographic information, such as your age, gender, preferences, and interests. Information collected by us may be combined with information obtained by our related companies ("related companies" has the meaning set out in section 2(3) of the Companies Act 1993).

This information is used by us for the operation of the Service, to maintain quality of the Service, to provide general statistics regarding use of the Service and to assist us to deliver customised content and advertising to our customers.

Where possible, information will be obtained directly from you, but otherwise it may be provided from others (with your consent), or generated within or by the systems used to provide our Service.

You may decide not to provide information to us. However, if you do not provide it, we may not be able to provide our Service to you.

You may ask to see any information we hold about you and we will provide it as long as we have such information and can readily retrieve it. You may also ask us to correct any incorrect information we hold about you. We may charge you for the reasonable costs of retrieving and providing this information.

We may also monitor communications between our customers and third parties to maintain and support our systems and to safeguard the security and integrity of our Services.

We may provide your personal information to our related companies, our contractors, credit reference and debt collection agencies, communications network operators and selected business partners to:

  • Provide our services for you and others
  • Send your bills and recover money you owe
  • Keep you informed of and conduct, sales and marketing activities in relation to services available to, or planned for, you from us and other people
  • Exercise any lawful right we or any of our related companies, our contractors, credit reference and debt collection agencies, communications network operators and selected business partners has

Although we may publish aggregated information relating to your use of the Services, such as usage patterns, we do not disclose information in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify you, without your prior permission.

Personal information collected in relation to your use of the Service may be stored and processed in New Zealand or any other country in which we or our related companies or agents maintain facilities, and by using our Services, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.


Disclosure of information

We may disclose information about you or your use of the Services without your prior permission if we have a good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

  • Conform to legal requirements (including, but not limited to, requirements in accordance with any applicable law, regulation or government request) or comply with legal process, or to help maintain the law
  • Protect our rights or property or those of our related companies
  • Enforce our Terms
  • Act to protect the interests of our, or our related companies, customers or others

Consumer protection legislation and exclusion of all other liability

Any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 apply alongside the rights set out in these Terms, and are not affected or altered by them (including the exclusion of liability set out below).

We now exclude all other liability we may have to you.


The exclusion of liability set out in this clause applies for the benefit of these people:

  • us and every other Telecom company;
  • network operators we use or work with in connection with the provision of the Service to you;
  • all officers, employees, contractors and agents of all the people listed above; and
  • anyone else any of the people listed above is responsible for.

To the extent permitted by law, none of these people or entities are liable to you, or will be required to pay or compensate you for or in respect of any loss or damage claimed or suffered by you resulting from anything any of them does or does not do, or delays in doing, in connection with Service provided to or for you, whether or not it is contemplated or authorised by any agreement you have with us. This exclusion applies whatever you are claiming for, and however liability arises or might arise if it were not for this clause.

No representations

Except to the extent specifically stated in these Terms, or any applicable pecific or required by law, Telecom, and any of its related companies and its respective officers, employees, contractors, agents and suppliers, make no warranties, representations, or conditions relating to or in connection with the Service provided to you (whether express, implied or whenever arising) whether originating in statute, law, trade, custom or otherwise that would apply if it were not for this clause.

Copyright and related exclusions

To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree that Telecom will not be responsible for copyright infringement and/or unauthorised access to or alteration of your communications or data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received, any transactions entered into through use of our Service or our Websites, any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct of any other party or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights. You also agree that Telecom is not responsible for any content sent using, or included in, our Service or websites by any third party.

Exclusions of types of loss / damage

To the fullest extent permitted by law, in no circumstances will we or any of the other people / entities listed above be liable to you or any third parties for any loss of data, revenue, profits or lost business or any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages or losses which you may incur as a result of anything we have done or not done, or otherwise in connection with the Service or your use of any of the Service, or anything we (or any of the parties referred to under the heading "Exclusion of all other Liability") have done or not done or delayed in doing in relation to them, regardless of the type of claim or the nature of the cause of action, and even if we have been advised of the possibility of damage or loss.

Force Majeure

If we are prevented from carrying out any obligation in these Terms by reason of any act of God, act of State, riot, insurrection, civil commotion, strike, sanctions, boycott, embargo or any other circumstance beyond our reasonable control, we must endeavour to advise you of the existence of the circumstances and the expected duration of and the obligations affected by the circumstances. Our performance of these Terms and provision of Service to you will, to the extent that it is made impossible or impracticable by such circumstances, be suspended until such circumstances cease to exist. We will not be liable to you for a failure to perform, or a delay in performing, any obligation set out in these Terms in the circumstances contemplated by this clause.


Limitation of our liability

If we or any of the other people / entities listed in clause 15 (under the heading "Exclusion of all other Liability") are ever liable to you and, for any reason, cannot rely on the exclusion of liability set out in clause 15, then this clause applies.

Where this clause applies, the maximum combined amount we and all the other people / entities listed in clause 15 (together) will have to pay you and anyone else who uses the Service we provide for you (together), will be limited to the lower of:

  • $5,000 for any event or for any series of related events; and
  • a total of $10,000 in respect of all events in any 12 month period,provided that you notify us of your claim within 12 months after the relevant event or series or events become reasonably discoverable to you.

This limitation does not limit any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Fair Trading Act 1986.


We may change these Terms by changing or removing existing terms or by adding new ones at any time. Changes may take the form of completely new Terms. We will tell you about any changes by emailing or writing to you or SMS messaging you, or publishing the changes on our website. Your continued use of our Services after changes have been notified to you in this way indicates your acceptance of those changes.


If for any reason any term of the agreement you have with us cannot be enforced or relied on by you, us or any of the other people listed in clause 20, all other terms of the agreement remain binding


We may have any of our related companies or Telecom-approved agents perform our obligations under these Terms or any specific product terms.


This agreement is entered into by Telecom on our own behalf and for the benefit of any of our related companies, and will, with any necessary modifications, apply to any of those related companies, and will be enforceable by them under the Contracts (Privity) Act 1982. Except as expressly stated, this agreement does not confer any rights on third parties and to the maximum extent allowable at law we will not, under this agreement, be liable in any way to any third parties.


Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, we may exercise our powers or rights at any time without prior notice to you.


The entire obligations of Telecom in relation to the subject matter of these Terms are set out in (or are as referenced in) these Terms and you acknowledge that your use of the Services is not in reliance on any conduct, statement, representation or warranty made by Telecom, or by any agent of Telecom or by any other person not expressly recorded in these Terms or any applicable specific product terms.


Our Services are provided under New Zealand law. If you want to bring a claim against us you agree to do so in a New Zealand court. We also have a system for resolving complaints.